7 Advantages and 3 disadvantages aluminum security doors have

7 Advantages and 3 disadvantages aluminum security doors have

Aluminum security doors are a popular choice for modern homes and beyond.

The great variety in their appearance, but also the high insulation they offer make them ideal for older buildings, which want their aesthetic and energy upgrade.

However, when there are so many types and materials of security doors, it makes sense to wonder what to choose.

For this reason, we asked the experts in aluminum security doors from Alfino door to explain in detail the advantages of aluminum as a material, but also possible problems that we should be aware of.

Advantages of aluminum security doors

There are many reasons behind the ever-increasing demand for aluminum security doors.

These are:

  1. They do not require any maintenance. Unlike other types of windows, such as wooden security doors, they do not require regular maintenance to maintain their color and properties even in the most adverse conditions.
  2. They show great durability. In particular, they are resistant to distortion, corrosion, and scratches, resulting in excellent operation in environments with high humidity, but also in places where the window is exposed to natural phenomena.
  3. They are energy efficient. Thanks to the use of non-conductive materials and their special construction, so that they fit perfectly in the window, they create a barrier between the indoor and outdoor environment. Thus, they reduce the cost required in winter to heat the house and in summer to cool it, resulting in fast amortization of their initial purchase cost and excellent living conditions.
  4. It is light. Therefore, they can be used in older buildings with static constraints, but also large areas of modern constructions.
  5. Variety in colors and styles. Aluminum security doors are available in a huge range of colors and can be designed in many different styles depending on the aesthetic requirements of each construction, whether it is modern or traditional.
  6. They have a long lifespan. Specifically, without any maintenance, their lifespan is about 30-40 years.
  7. They are made of 100% recyclable material.

Disadvantages of aluminum security doors

The problems that can be observed with aluminum security doors are mainly of practical type and can be solved with the correct preparation during the design stage.


  1. They are not subject to aesthetic changes. They may not require maintenance, but this also means that they are not painted in another color and are generally not subject to any improvement. In short, you should have decided on their color from the beginning, to match your aesthetic requirements.
  2. They require professional intervention in case of damage. Precisely because they are not rubbed or painted, any scratches and corrosion must be treated with professional methods. Of course, with the right coating and precisely because they are durable, they can remain unchanged even in the most difficult environments, such as the sea.
  3. They need attention in construction and installation. You should consult a very experienced craftsman, in order not to observe the frequent phenomenon of water vapor on the surface of the windows and to make the correct application, to achieve the optimal thermal insulation.

At Alfino door for 30 years, special emphasis is given to the excellent construction and sale of high-quality aluminum security doors and the most modern technology.