Dating horror stories: He wanted a COVID-19 side piece

I created out with the COVID screening guy. We satisfied whilst performing on the set of a Tv exhibit in Norwalk. I know you are not supposed to make out with strangers proper now, but it seemed harmless simply because he was the testing person, and the testing male would not have COVID since then he couldn’t be the screening person!

What he does have is a girlfriend — a very long-length girlfriend in Northern California, but a girlfriend. Ahead of you get on me for being some sort of dicey homewrecker, it is not like that. They’re in an open romantic relationship. Not due to the fact they are some hot and experienced bisexual few residing in Silver Lake who want to discover distinctive bodies. No, it’s due to the fact they don’t know what they want with every other. I hate that. I despise when people today make lukewarm choices about adore.

Both be in it or be out! Adore is supposed to be bold, not shifty and undecided.

The COVID tests dude is cute and smells so superior. He employs hand sanitizer that smells like his cologne. In the middle of a pandemic, this is thought of dreamy. He is also a paramedic — which is so scorching because he could save me in a car accident or figure out if my Nana was possessing a stroke. So very hot. 1 time I joked about hurting myself at function (I experienced by now moved on to a distinctive set) so he could rush above and support me. He did not participate in along with the joke, and I incredibly much detested that far too.

Ordinarily when I’m out of really like, a.k.a. my ordinary lifestyle, I have plenty of other factors to continue to keep my intellect occupied. I do comedy exhibits, go out drinking with pals, approach outings. Now I just lie in mattress, pop anti-anxiousness meds, and fantasize about generating out with the very hot French chef from “Emily in Paris.” This sounds so much extra unhappy when I publish it down. In essence, it is uncomplicated to want an individual in your existence appropriate now mainly because ultimately you will get weary of mediocre “Emily in Paris” fantasies.

We had been eating in a fairly back garden patio surrounded by masked servers and twinkly lights when he told me he was in an open connection. I was savoring my vegan alfredo when he dropped the bomb. I wasn’t anticipating it, but I was not absolutely stunned that the man I was feeling this chemistry with was presently dedicated to somebody else. It is L.A. and polyamory isn’t considerably more unconventional than pushing your doggy in a stroller. I almost had to chortle at the point that the very first man I’d satisfied since the earth shut down currently had a girlfriend. I went to the restroom and seemed at myself in the mirror, respiratory by my third glass of Sauvignon Blanc, when the ground commenced shaking. Indeed, a delicate earthquake experienced just strike and I was shaken both equally basically and emotionally.

We went on COVID-risk-free dates including dining on the out of doors patio at Sage Vegan Bistro in Pasadena, driving to lookouts in the Angeles Nationwide Forest and picnicking in Griffith Park. It was sort of reminiscent of when I lived in a little town in Oregon and there wasn’t considerably to do, so you experienced to make your have fun. He was constantly really considerate on these dates he opened my door, packed snacks, paid out for my evening meal. We talked and texted each day. After, I even drove two freeways out of my way to bring him a caramel macchiato on his new set in DTLA. It pretty much felt like I wasn’t at all his COVID sidepiece.

I could convey to he experienced serious feelings for me, even though he always retained points a very little mild and flirty. He would usually say that he didn’t know whether or not points ended up going to previous with his girlfriend they had been nevertheless likely via their tough patch. It saved me thinking, “What if they do break up and we have a true shot?” I required to take a look at our relationship devoid of the like triangle.

I would test to get near to him, and he was by no means a closed ebook, but there was constantly a distance. I surprise what it could have been? Oh, yeah, he was in a romantic relationship and it wasn’t with me. Just one night time we have been at his condominium in Sherman Oaks about to Postmates poke bowls and he gave me his mobile phone to search in excess of the menu. His girlfriend, of training course, texted him suitable then. We each saw it and did not say nearly anything about it.

I could not love what we had recognizing she was there also.

I knew from the starting that I would not be satisfied with this predicament. But I was on your own in a pandemic. I would think, “Do I even like him that considerably, or is he just another person to perform with?” Not in a sick way, but a enjoyment way. We could flirt, have top secret kisses, make jokes, make every single other a little offended.

We did have chemistry, and I preferred investing time with him. Each and every time we went out, I received a minor more invested. It was a thing resembling genuine romance, even though at the close of the day it was not. I needed genuine romance. I needed to really feel particular, and this produced me feel the reverse. I could no longer keep up the charade in my head. I texted him and explained I couldn’t see him any more.

We made ideas to say our goodbyes at a cafe in Pasadena. He bought a latte for me and a slice of vegan pie to split. (Neither of us have been vegan, but his girlfriend was, and he’d actually gotten into it. I thought the pie could have been creamier.)

I place on a sassy mindset for this separation discussion, but deep down I was unfortunate because I was saying goodbye to the sliver of pandemic romance I experienced for the betterment of foreseeable future me. (I sighed inwardly at myself. Who really cares about betterment in a pandemic? Are not we all just accomplishing what it normally takes to endure?) Just after the bland pie and actually delightful espresso, we kissed on the sidewalk, like new lovers do, in entrance of strangers. We said goodbye, and just like that it was above.

I really don’t know if it’s the isolation or some thing in me which is often been there, but I want so poorly to be in like appropriate now. I want to sense that way about anyone who also feels that way for me.

The COVID screening guy was not that dude. He is another person I played boyfriend with for the duration of the pandemic. I marvel if I meant anything true to him, but I think I was just an individual he played girlfriend with during the pandemic. I was satisfied to be entangled in a messy human romance that reminded me of what daily life felt like before we had been reduce off from the globe and each and every other. This small romance, while bizarre and agonizing, manufactured social isolation sense extra like regular everyday living for a minute.

The writer is a comic, writer and scholar in UCLA’s Professional Plan in Creating for Television. She is on Instagram @taylormcknight23.

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