Pros and cons of satellite TV

Pros and cons of satellite TV

First of all we all need to thank technology for allowing us to do so many things, including having a wide range of television channels – texnikoi tileoraseon –in our hands. Satellite TV has been around for quite many years now but as the years pass by we can say that the technology is evolving so we have better quality, reduced prices, more channels etc.

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People who already on satellite TV know how great it can be bad this article about the pros and cons of satellite TV is for these people who are thinking about installing a satellite dish. We are here today to get you through the pros and cons of it so that you can decide easier about if you are going to make this step or not. Reading to find out more about satellite TV.

Size of the dish

Throughout the years, the size of the satellite dish is decreased. It is easier now to install due you to its smaller size, and the technicians can place it anywhere on your roof as it is lighter. They will try to find the best spot on the roof or your terrace in order for you to have the best signal possible. Modern satellite dishes already find the signal automatically so you do not even have to move from your couch.

The smaller size of the dish also helps with the better quality of the channels. So in a few words, smaller dishes can help you have a better quality due to the easier installation and of course all of your channels are going to be in high definition picture.

Variety of channels

Let’s face it; everyone of us have spends half an hour trying to find what to watch on TV. When you are having a satellite TV it is easier for you to choose as there is a variety of channels including sports, children’s cartoons, news, documentaries, fashion, movies and many more! This way you will always have something to watch even when it is four in the morning.

In some satellite TV packages you can also find series and movies that haven’t even been out to the market yet as they are brand new. This way you are going to say but lots of money from Cinema tickets or renting movies and series online!

Everyone is happy

Having satellite TV is a great way to keep everyone in the family happy. Even the children home can sometimes be very demanding and they need to watch the cartoons or series immediately. The variety of channels we mentioned before will help you keep seniors, teenagers, the sports guys, the mom who wants to watch fashion or cooking channel, happy!

The disadvantages

Apart from the advantages, you can also face some disadvantages when you are having a satellite TV. These disadvantages those in notes stand as an obstacle to your satellite TV experience, as they are minor and they can be corrected with some simple steps. Let’s get into them so that you know what to expect.

The weather

The most dangerous enemy of your satellite dish is the weather. Since your dishes on your roof or on your terrace, any kind of bad weather such as strong winds, snow, blizzards, heavy rains etc., will probably deal a lot of damage to your satellite dish. Even if it will not cause any physical damage to your dish, a slight wind good disorients your signal so that you would have to reprogram your TV.

In order to fix these problems you should call a satellite TV dish technician who will re-program your television and will fix any issues that were created at your dish.


Another disadvantage is the contacts you sign so that you can have the channels. Some channel packages are cheaper but then you do not have access to every channel in your region, while the most expensive ones offer you a great variety of channels. Some other contracts might require you to pay extra for a movie so if you are planning on buying a satellite TV package make sure to research your options.

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