Summer 2020 Bags: Must-have pieces for every style


Summer 2020 Bags: Must-have pieces for every style

The women’s bag – τσάντες γυναικείες – is considered one of the most necessary accessories for all of us. Not only does it complete the outfit, but it adds style and often colour to it. The designs in the bags for Spring and Summer of 2020 have a great variety and cover every taste and age.

As we will see below, according to famous fashion designers – eponimes evropaikes tsantes, the top trends in bags have classic and timeless designs. Of course, the list also includes surprises with the most extreme proposals.

These are ideal ideas for those of us who are looking for something that will make them stand out!

Discover all the top bag trends in the list below:

Knitted bags with rope, mats, wool, leather or beads

Knitted bags with rope or mats

Materials such as rope and mat are very characteristic of the summer season. Therefore, they could not but be used in the creation of new designs for the season.

So the famous fashion designers took advantage of these materials for their new collection and presented it to us in the fashion weeks. These are beautiful women’s bags for Summer 2020 in various designs and styles.

Knitted bags with wool, leather or beads

Correspondingly popular for the season are crochet knits. This beautiful trend not only affected the clothes of the Summer 2020 season, but also the shoes. So choosing a crochet bag could best complete your Boho chic knitted outfit, as well as be combined with more modern outfits.

But in addition to these classic options for knitted designs, the leading fashion houses also used leather or beads, in order to create extremely beautiful designs in the women’s bags of the time.

Bags with bamboo handles or large chains for Summer 2020

The use of natural materials and ecological consciousness had a great influence on the bags of the season. One of the typical suggestions is bamboo handbags. This elegant design is very impressive and combines perfectly with fashion trends.

Beyond that, if your bamboo is strange or you are just looking for another alternative for the season, you can invest in large chains. They are just as modern and very beautiful. So do not hesitate to keep a design with a metal or colourful chain and complete your spring and summer outfit in an impressive way.

Multiple bags for Summer 2020

Tiny bags – τσάντες anekke – may have become very popular in recent years, but they are not very practical, as they do not fit very well. That’s why famous fashion designers insist on using multiple bags.

What does this mean; How to use a set of small bags or combine two different ones. So you will have more space to take with you what you need, while creating a modern style as a fashionista.

Bags decorated with feathers, fringes and large belt buckles

Typical decorative elements that we will see in the bags are the wings and the fringes. These special details that give style and movement, will decorate small and large bags for any occasion.

So in addition to the shoes of Summer, the fringes and the wings will make their presence felt in the rest of the accessories.

Sometimes the result will be discreet, while other times it will be an exaggeration. What you choose ultimately has to do with your taste and style of dress. But everything is allowed!

Also, to a lesser extent, but equally important are the decorative buckles. This is a beautiful alternative to the bags of the time.

Tiny bags in hand, cross or neck Summer 2020

Bags that hold almost nothing have been one of the top trends for years. As it seems, they will not be missing from the list of top trends this season either.

On the catwalks of famous fashion houses, a variety of designs were presented with small bags that are held in the hand or cross – τσάντες χιαστή. But what stood out were the type of bracelet and the ones that hung around the neck.

Of course, there were also sets from many small bags. Together or separately, they create a more user-friendly bag for your walks.


Fruit or clutch bags with hand strap

The fruit bags that look like bracelets are a very useful suggestion for the season. They work just as well as accessories – jewellery for our daily and evening appearances.

Beyond that, an interesting suggestion for Summer 2020 are clutch bags with a strap through which the hand passes. This is an elegant proposal for everyday, but mostly formal appearances.

Vintage bags with flowers, pleats and classic shapes of the retro era

The vintage influence is also felt in the bags of the season. But those who will have their honour are those who close like a wallet. So we will see this retro clutch clasp to decorate tiny, but also larger bags in various shapes, giving a special and elegant style to our look.

Monochrome designs, but also decorated with the small floral retro prints of that time, the wallet bags will be worn a lot.

Plaid, stripes and psychedelic prints on Spring and Summer bags

Although there were many designers who presented designs with crocus and animal prints, the ones that stood out on the catwalks were the plaid, the stripes and the colourful psychedelic patterns.

So in addition to clothes and shoes, we will see these three designs in bags.

Shiny bags with glitter, metallic colours and gold shades

The disco era of the 70s is also reflected in the bags, with the metallic and glitter shades having their place of honour. So silver and gold in parts or whole bags will be worn a lot and will make our looks glamorous and shiny!

Round bags remain a trend in Summer 2020

This special yet impressive bag shape remains at the top in the new season. In a variety of sizes, but also construction materials, the round bags will give our spring and summer outfit a beautiful note.

Bags with natural fabric in light shades and leather details

Bags made of natural materials in light shades of sand beige in combination with coloured leather – δερμάτινες τσάντες -details will be the top trend this season.

Therefore, cotton caravanserai and wicker bags with leather designs on their surface are a very interesting alternative for the season.

Hard Box bags

Durable and tough, bags that lose their shape with nothing are still one of the top trends for Spring and Summer.

The monochrome or printed designs of the box bags, as they are otherwise called, with the retro, but also the modern look, give us a special look that will catch the eye.

Huge tote bags for shopping, but also for daily activities

Unlike tiny bags that only hold keys or money, the huge Tote bags of Summer give us the opportunity to carry everything.

They are ideal for shopping bags, but also for women who need a big bag in their daily lives.

Bags in strange everyday objects and geometric shapes

And if you thought round and box bags were weird, famous fashion designers made sure to make you reconsider. Some of their new proposals are not just ordinary! These are bags that have the shapes of everyday objects, such as a hat, guitar, but also animals.

So if you are looking for a design that will make you stand out in the crowd, then you can dare!

However, in case something so special frightens you, there is also the alternative proposal of a simply strange geometric shape.

Belt bags

Belt bags have become very popular in recent years. It is a modern, relaxed and comfortable proposal that leaves your hands free, while adding beautiful style to our outfit.

So in addition to the classic bananas, belt-type bags with an extra purse will remain at the top this season as well.

Pouch bags in all sizes, from a variety of materials

One of the most popular bag designs is the pouch. Hanging on the back or wrist, but also on the side – cross, the pouch is a beautiful suggestion for this period.

It is spacious and depending on its design can be worn both on weekdays and in our evening appearances.

Bags that fold with or without a strap

A timeless bag design that makes a dynamic come back in the Spring and Summer of 2020 is the folded bag. This classy choice of soft leather bag – δερμάτινες γυναικείες τσάντες – that folds giving an amazing style to our look will be worn a lot this season.

Bucket bags summer 2020

The “bucket” type bag designs are another of the fashion trends of the year. In the stores you will find a great variety both in sizes and designs of bucket bags with modern, but also more classic style.

Hobo Bags in classic and more special designs for summer 2020

After round bags, hobos will be another top trend. This bag style is timeless and a favourite of all ages.

Look for the ideal bag for your everyday life among classic, modern, but also more special designs and invest in it for this year’s spring and summer season.

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