Your questions about air quality answered

Air excellent in Southern California is at unhealthful levels because of wildfires near to home — the Bobcat and El Dorado fires — and all about California and the West Coast.

Experts suggest that you remain indoors and maintain doorways and home windows closed. If you have one, operate an air conditioner that recirculates indoor air and has a clean filter. Air purifiers can also enable. You can make a Do it yourself air filter out of a box supporter, an air filter and duct tape (just be cautious with it). Avoid intense physical exercise, in particular outdoor. Men and women with lung situations, these kinds of as asthma, as perfectly as the aged and kids ought to just take extra safety measures.

What are your queries about the smoky air? We’ll do our finest to get solutions and will increase them under.

How can I examine the air high-quality in my region?

If you stay inside the region protected by the South Coast Air High-quality Management District — which is made up of most of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties and all of Orange County — you can use the AQMD’s air excellent map. On Friday early morning, regions around the Bobcat fireplace confirmed harmful degrees of air pollution.

The L.A. County General public Overall health Division issues general public health and fitness alerts about air top quality and other subjects. Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties do so as properly.

The site Purple Air also has a map that handles areas further than the AQMD’s jurisdiction. Climate apps for smartphones have air top quality readings, as perfectly.

What can I do about ash?

The South Coastline Air Quality Management District suggests the following:

  • Do not clean up ash and soot if you have coronary heart or lung troubles.
  • Really don’t enable ash get on your pores and skin.
  • Never use leaf blowers to obvious ash. Use a damp cloth or a light spray of water.
  • Direct any ashy drinking water to floor parts and away from runoff programs.
  • If you have ash in your property, use a vacuum with HEPA filters. Sweep carefully if utilizing a broom.
  • Clean your auto and any toys or outside furniture.
  • Cleanse ash off your animals.